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              Canon copier Maintenance Guarantee all inclusive service
              2017-6-7 15:31:29

              MG all inclusive contract: a safety insurance for your equipment

              First, what is the "all inclusive contract"?

              MG (Maintenance Guarantee) maintenance guarantee contract is also called "all inclusive contract", which is the standard maintenance service standard for copier and printer products, so as to ensure the stable and high quality machine operation. This is Canon Co's fruitful product maintenance service system.

              MG turnkey contract is one of the most advanced services in the world today. The main feature of the insurance contract is that the user need only pay a small fee monthly copy volume, in addition the copier required for operation of spare parts, toner, toner cartridges and other supplies, copiers later use risk and labor costs all entrusted to us (not including paper, tape and Ding Shuding).

              Two, the "whole contract" and the general maintenance of the difference

              General maintenance mode MG all inclusive contract
              maintenance costs Pay Free of charge
              Supplies (toner) Pay Free of charge
              Spare parts expenses Pay Free of charge
              Charging mode Payment at actual cost Pay per month according to the print tensor
              Printed matter quality Often for saving money or because of financial reasons can not replace parts or supplies in time, and greatly affect the quality of printed matter Always keep the machine running well and the quality of the printed matter
              Parts replacement According to the manufacturer's PM cycle and the actual use of spare parts, passive replacement parts; this method has a greater impact on the service life of the whole machine Strictly replace the spare parts according to the PM cycle stipulated by the manufacturer. This method is beneficial to prolong the service life of the whole machine
              Use risk Users assume My company assumes


              Three, why need the whole package contract?

              Unlike ordinary household appliances and personal computers, copiers and printers have many fine mechanical components. The loss of these mechanical components is proportional to the length of the machine's operation and the number of copies or prints. The copier ensures a perfect copy effect, requiring routine maintenance services such as "periodic replacement of consumables" and "commissioning and cleaning of mechanical components."". In other words, the copier is also consuming copier parts while the image is being output. Periodic maintenance is essential in order to ensure smooth and high quality operation of the machine.

              Four, the whole package contract benefits

              1. Save time and effort
              2. In the case of all inclusive contract, all maintenance and replacement parts will be completed by us. Our technical engineer will maintain and replace the copier according to the status of the copier and the periodic table of the parts, and ensure the copier is in good working order at any time. Your unit the offices of relevant personnel can focus more on the job. Save time and effort.

              3. Copier late use risk decreased to 0
              4. All inclusive contract similar to the copier in the copier to buy an insurance policy, the use of the process, any risk (other than human factors) are our responsibility, so as to effectively avoid the increase of copier maintenance costs caused by accident.

              5. Prevent machine failure and prolong the service life of the whole machine
              6. In the fully packaged service, we track the copy or print quantity of the copier monthly through the computer to form maintenance report data. This allows you to monitor closely the operation of the client machine and anticipate material replacement and image quality adjustment. The maintenance service can be carried out periodically, thus effectively prolonging the service life of the whole machine and reducing the depreciation rate of the fixed assets. The supervision and management of the copier is more convenient. Under the contract condition, the copier user only needs to supervise the quality of the copy printing, so that the management of the copier can be completed.

              7. The cost is stable and the total cost is lower than the general maintenance method
              8. All inclusive service expenses are calculated on the basis of the number of copies or prints. The cost of component costs, supplies, expenses, and maintenance of technical costs is converted into unit output, resulting in no major cost fluctuations. Moreover, the total cost is lower than that of the general maintenance method.

              Therefore, the MG all inclusive contract ensures that the copier works consistently efficiently and provides more efficient and efficient service. All this requires only a reasonable and stable fee.

              Five, whole package contract, specific service content:

              1, regular monthly door-to-door maintenance, and according to the machine running condition, at any time to adjust maintenance time and frequency. Ensure normal operation of equipment. And free maintenance fees

              2, after receiving the repair, the city within 1-2 hours, 4-8 hours outside the city for repairs (such as customers outside the city more concentrated areas, can be within 1-2 hours to repair), and enjoy preferential allocation service.

              3, the whole period to provide free copier original spare parts and related supplies, and in accordance with the provisions of the replacement cycle manufacturers replacement, and according to the pre established printing consumables, spare parts supply plan, to ensure that the machine is in good working condition at any time.

              4, according to the latest copier software version information provided by the manufacturer, upgrade the copier software version at any time

              5, the whole period of copier risk (such as power board, board, board member of high scanning accidental damage, except for man-made reasons) can enjoy free replacement

              SixIf the copier fails, it can be repaired in time, and it can provide the standby machine in a short time to ensure the normal development of the work.

              7, may enjoy other gold medal service which the factory stipulated

              Six, maintenance services specific content

              1, the cost includes on-site maintenance fees and regular maintenance fees (the cost of a variety of packages to choose from)

              2, after receiving the repair, the city within 1-2 hours, 4-8 hours outside the city for repairs (such as customers outside the more concentrated areas, can be rushed within 1-2 hours for maintenance)

              3. Provide other office equipment related materials at preferential prices during the contract period

              4, according to the latest copier software version information provided by the manufacturer, upgrade the copier software version at any time.

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